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Every item is handmade by us in our Hudson Valley studio

Our expert use of ancient forging techniques is what sets us apart from other jewelers.  The work is labor intensive, and highly skilled. Other techniques employed are casting, sawing, soldering and stamping. Our raw precious metals are 90% recycled, which means we purchase them straight from a refinery. 

At Shana Lee Jewelry, we specialize in Vermeil (pronounced Ver-May):  thickly gold-plated sterling silver. This means our vermeil is made entirely of precious metal (unlike jewelry that is “gold plated” or “silver plated" in which base metals such as brass or steel are used - we do not do this).  Our vermeil is of the highest quality. The company we use is one of only two eco-friendly vermeil specialists in the country. This is why there may be a longer wait for our vermeil items.

About the Designer

Shana Lee is a wildly prolific jewelry designer whose creative vision is matched only by her technical skills. Although her “hand” and style are recognizable in every piece, the collections are inexhaustible in range. When asked if she is obsessed with designing and making jewelry she quietly answered, “No, it is part of me like skin, it is in me like a heartbeat.” 

Shana Lee describes herself as a self-taught metal smith.  She explains, “This means I have leaned on friends and colleagues for instruction and guidance.”  Among Shana’s teachers/mentors are; Joe Garriti of James Garriti Lapidary, NYC (with whom she has worked along side learning fabrication and varied techniques for over 13 years), and Guardian Wolf (Stone Carver of Ceremonial Objects, Cherokee, Hiltons, VA) with whom Shana has studied the more spiritual aspects of creating adornments for over two decades.

Shana Lee's Story

Shana Lee has been dedicated to the art of making & selling her jewelry since the tender age of 9 years when she took the initiative to set up a table in front of the local grocery store.  She spent much of her youth selling her work on the streets of NYC & in Nightclubs.  Shana Lee's concentration in precious metals began over 15 years ago.  Her work has been featured in such magazines as Lucky, InStyle, Vogue, People and Harper’s Bazaar and worn by more than a handful of artists such as Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, and Joss Stone. Shana Lee's jewelry has been seen at the Grammy's, and on TV shows such as Oprah, Sex in The City, & The L Word.