Gail L. - "Shana is one of the nicest and most talented people I have ever met ! Love her jewelry and love the person she is!"

Georgia P. - "I love all my Shana pieces, and my mom looks pretty darn hip in hers too! Thanks for the soul, sister!"

Kathy P. - "LOVE your jewelry!! Have picked out my Christmas present - now for that letter to Santa!"

Ethel M. - "Absolutely beautiful and so unique!"

Diane W. - "You have no idea how thrilled I am with my/your truly gorgeous necklace and earrings.  Your truly beautiful pieces have brought me into the 21st century!  It took me 40 years to finally pierce my ears and &^$*&! years to finally have my first Bling!   THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! "

La J. -  "A huge thank you for this wonderful work Shana Lee!!!"

Oilda B. - "Elegant...and classy yet sassy...

Sabra P. - "Best rockin' jewelry anywhere!

Frey J. - "Beautiful....I love your work.

Emily R. - "My new earrings are making me soooo happyyyyyyyy!!!!"

Thomas C. - "Perfect.  Just what I had hoped for, very very inspired."

Micky B. - "Everything is perfect!  I have not problems with anything, it's all just simply beautiful.   I am wearing them all right now!  Thank you so so much Shana."

Sarah G. - "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the ring!  Its really stunning.  Thank you and big hugs!"

Sarah B. - "It's perfect & looks amazing with my tattoo!  It's exactly what I wanted - thank you!!!"

Diana C.- "SHE LOVES IT!!!! I think it far exceeded her expectations. She absolutely loved how you set it in the silver. VERY VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!"

Diane W. - "I wore my Shanalee earrings everyday in Paris, so was gorgeous from the neck up that helped counteract my "Dr. Comfort" old lady ugly shoes!     THANK YOU SHANA!"

Thomas C.- "Leather bracelets arrived.  They are spectacular.  Nice work!  Tx so so much."

Daniel T. - "I loved coming to your show. It was great!  I love your work."

Margo B. - "I just got a pair of your cat claw earrings and love them."

A. H. - "I LOVE IT!  perfect!  I'm so glad I found you....a new place for those special gifts for myself and others."

Zanthe T. - "It's here.  And lovely.  You've been wonderful. Thank you so much!"

Thomas C.- "Awesome job!!!  My wife and everyone who see the it : LOVES the [18K] cuff!" 

Tom D. - "The necklace arrived and is beautiful."

Shari S. - "Just received the hoops with stars! LOVE them!!!  As you can see, I put them right on!
Sesame C. --- Perfect :)"

Sangeeta B. - "Wow! Amazing... loving it more and more... thank you."

Robi M. - "In Heaven. Love both pieces. Thank you."

Robert R. - "Thank you so much for having them ready for us--we are deeply appreciative."
Rachel G. - "I cannot thank you enough for making this gorgeous ring for us. It felt fated :-)"

R.B. S - "He - and I - love it. It's beautiful what you did."

Nina L. - "Dear Shana Lee, I "test drove" the cuff this weekend. It wears well, I love it."
Thank You."

Mary P. - "I LOVE LOVE your stuff, thank you for replacing the stud!"

Maggie B. - "I received my earrings on Friday and I absolutely love them. They are truly
works of art that I will treasure. Thank you!!"

Madeline M. - "Package arrived today - the ring IS BEAUTIFUL! (and fits perfectly.)  Thank you.  
It's lovely on it's own and will be great stacked with a few of your other creations."

Lina T. - "I am wearing the darling rose gold hoops of yours almost daily (which I get many compliments on), along with my slim silver ring. I might just have to get another!"

Laura C. - "[She] LOVES the ring!  It really compliments the other two and I’m so glad we decided to high polish it.  It’s beautiful." 

Kathy G. - "The earrings have arrived!!  They are great - thank you.  I would actually like to order two pairs of the turquoise - one - the exact same size (for my daughter) and the other the same size as the silver ones you made for me awhile ago."

Jules A. - "Perfect!  I thought I would save it for special occasions - but I'm wearing it all of the time."

Joanne P. - "Love my feather!!!"

Jeanne P. - "I am thrilled with my new rings, now my hands feel complete!  You are truly an amazing, inspired artist and we love you...after we saw you my Mom was saying how very beautiful you are. [My daughter] also loves her necklace, she and I are on a mission to help her develop her own, unique style, so the necklace is a perfect piece for her!"

Janet N. - "Thank you for your very thoughtful way of making the necklace… I will come in to meet you next time we are in Hudson. My grandchild will be born in April…and so, believe me, I will think of you when he/she is caught by the light of its beauty."

Jacquie B. - "I just love my earrings and necklace and practically wear them everyday with my jeans!                                                             I don't dress up that often so I love wearing them casually."

Jacob G. - "She absolutely loves it. And so do I!! Wow. It is perfect. And it looks so good together with the others.                       Thanks so much!!"

Jeff J. - "The ring is beautiful, thanks! The yellow sapphire you chose is brilliant and wonderful."

Erica N. - "His ring fits perfectly and it looks great!  Thanks!"

Dolores T. - "I received the new earring backs the other day. I appreciate your swift response to my request."

Dan S. - "I am so happy and grateful - way beyond my expectations.  Thank you."

Christine M. - "There couldn't possibly be a more elegant expression of my 30 years of friendship.  Thank you!"

Cathy D. - "You’re the best."

Blair W. - "I received you amazing necklace today in the mail and immediately put it on and wore it home from work."

Cathy W. B. - "Thanks for your nice note-- I love my earrings.  I've been wearing them a lot and love to see them                     shining through my hair when I look in the mirror."

Antony K. - "She loves!!!! it!  Thanks as always!"

Alan H. - "Got the box.  Had a peek - LOVE IT!!!!!!!  … Thank you!  I can't wait until she opens up next week!