Arrowhead - Teeny or Small

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teeny flint.jpg

Arrowhead - Teeny or Small

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Keeping with Native tradition, these precious arrowheads are all hand-knapped with stone, deer antler, and leather. The clear is Quartz crystal, the black is Flint. 

Arrowheads - Guardian Wolf (Cherokee, Hiltons, VA).

Setting and side beads - Shana Lee.

We, who work with Shana, wear these layered, alone, with anything and everything - we wear them all of the time.

Teeny Arrowhead: Approx 1/2" long, on delicate beveled link 16" with 4" extension.

Small Arrowhead: Appx 3/4" long on delicate but tougher beveled link chain 16" with 4" extension.

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