The Path - LG

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sacred large.jpg

The Path - LG

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Pendant: 1 & 1/2" wide X 2 & 1/8" long.

When we say we believe objects resonate with energy, this piece is proof.  

This symbol, borrowed from Mayan, Cherokee, and Egyptian cultures, embodies the Sacred - this piece is all about our present journeys and honoring/keeping with us - the ones we love who have passed on. Yes, some of our pieces are imbedded with deep meaning and intention - this one truly is.  


Sterling silver & Sacred Native American stones catlinite (red) and steatite (black). The stones are hand cut, carved, sanded and inlayed into the triangle setting.  The stone work is by Guardian Wolf & Little Wing, the silver work is by Shana Lee.  

Shown on black latigo leather - the chain is a simple link chain with nice weight.  We happen to like it on men at about 26" (nestled into solar plexus) - if you prefer a different length just let us know.

We make this pieces at the time it is ordered. Please allow 4 weeks for completion. Thanks!

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