Viva verm .JPG
Viva Earring
from 260.00
Good coco.JPG
Coco - Medium
from 160.00
Charm earring
Little Charms
from 88.00
Small bohemain vermeil earrings
Gypsy Hoops
from 130.00
XXL Drop.jpg
XXL Hammered Drops with Dot Post
from 176.00
XXL Earwire.JPG
Hammered Drops - XXLg
from 146.00
hand hammered sterling silver drop earring
Hammered Drops - XL
from 110.00
E.0298V lg Drops vermeil on person.jpg
Hammered Drops - Large
from 88.00
E.0297S md drops silver on person.jpg
Hammered Drops - Medium
from 50.00
E.0296V sm Drops VERMEIL on person.jpg
Hammered Drops - Small
from 44.00
sirenen earring.JPG
Sirene Song Earring
from 220.00
sold out
Lg Oxi Emcut.JPG
Emcut "Hoops" - Extra Large
from 260.00
Emcut lg sL edit.jpg
Emcut "Hoops" - Large
from 195.00
XL headlight.jpg
Headlight - Extra Large
from 260.00
Lg Oxi headlight.JPG
Headlights - Large
from 220.00
Sm Drop headlight V.JPG
Headlight Drops - Small
from 144.00
HL stud body.JPG
Headlight Studs - Small
from 120.00
textured cubic zirconia stud earring
Core Studs
from 88.00
Summer Song
from 80.00
E.1007 Parting Clouds.JPG
Parting Clouds
from 280.00
Edgy silver rock n roll earrings
Punk Glitz - Long
from 320.00
Sexy mid length rock n roll earring
Punk Glitz - Small
from 160.00
Sun Dance
from 360.00
Sexy chain drop earrings
Vogue Earring
sold out
Basic every day stud earing
Dot Studs - Large
from 48.00
Med drop body.JPG
Dot Studs - Medium
from 40.00
small dot.jpg
Dot Studs - Small or Teeny
from 22.00
x teeny dot.jpg
Dot Studs - Extra Teeny
from 18.00
med dot chain copy.jpg
Medium Dot Stud with Chain back
from 70.00
small dot & chain copy.jpg
Small Dot Stud with Chain Back
from 46.00
stars 2.jpg
Starz - Small or Teeny
from 16.00
Pyramid Studs - Small or Teeny
from 40.00
Gifts for mom
Rose Studs
from 80.00
Edgy rock n roll stud earring
Cat Claws
from 66.00
Hand made link drop earring
Phat Lynx
from 140.00
Best Dare Me.JPG
Dare Me
from 130.00
Kites - Extra Large
from 160.00
Long sexy sterling silver earrings
Flaired Dusters - Long
from 290.00
Boho-chic sterling silver drop earring
Flaired Dusters - Small
from 120.00
Boho-chic vermeil drop earring
Little Folded Flairs
from 120.00
from 220.00
Many circkes verm.JPG
Many Circles
from 220.00
Lg Cleo.JPG
Cleo "Hoops" - Large
from 160.00
Egyptian style vermeil medium hoop earrings
Cleo "Hoops" - Medium
from 120.00
teeny cleo.JPG
Cleo "Hoops" - Small
from 140.00
Lg Hunt.JPG
The Hunt - Large
from 240.00
The Hunt - Medium
from 220.00
joy 1.JPG
from 130.00
V lantern.JPG
Lantern Hoops
from 180.00
sold out
Nana Silver.JPG
Nana Hoops-Sm, Med or Lg
from 90.00
SS lg oaked.JPG
Oaked Hoops - Large
from 120.00
SS Med oaked.JPG
Oaked Hoops- Medium
from 100.00
small oaked.JPG
Oaked Hoops - Small
from 88.00
Seductive edgy jewelry
Folded Feathers - Long
from 240.00
sh fold feather 2.JPG
Folded Feathers-Short
from 77.00
shim feath verm.jpg
Shimmering Feathers - Large
from 98.00
short shim feather.JPG
Shimmering feather - Medium
from 66.00
pearl & feather.jpg
Pearl & Feather Earring
from 77.00
Sexy Cherokee sterling silver earring
from 150.00
Hand forged sexy silver drop earrings
2 Feathers
from 130.00
Still Perfect Studs with Cubic Zirconia
from 120.00
sold out
perfect hoop.JPG
Still Perfect Drops with CZ - Medium
from 160.00
perfect wirw 1.JPG
Still Perfect Wires with CZ - Small
from 98.00
anccient ways red.JPG
Ancient Ways
slice .JPG
Slice Earrings
from 100.00
David Bowie jewelry
from 240.00
sold out
triangle earwire.JPG
from 160.00
Dotted Dia Studs
from 40.00